Speed Golf

Speed golf has taken Dundrum House Hotel by storm! We are delighted to welcome Rob Hogan to the team here at Dundrum House Hotel, Golf & Leisure Resort. Rob is a two-time speed golf world champion and is currently ranked 11th in the world. Speed Golf will take place every Thursday evening at 8pm. 

What is speed golf?

Speed golf is just like regular golf but instead of walking in between shots you RUN! Speed golf is a great way to improve fitness levels, burn a few extra calories all while enjoying a game of golf! 

How does speed golf work?

Speed golf is just like regular golf with a few minor changes. Players can still carry 14 clubs but many choose to carry 4-7, players can wear running shoes and can put with the flagpole in place, there will be no penalties if the ball hits the flagpole but the ball must touch the bottom of the cup to be considered ball holed.

How does the scoring work?

The total score is calculated based on the number of strokes and the total time elapsed. When it comes to the total time, it is important to point out that the number of seconds is also included in the score. From the moment a player hits their first ball on the first hole to until the second the ball hits the bottom of the cup on the last hole the clock needs to be ticking!

The final score is expressed as a whole number followed by a colon, followed by a whole number. The first whole number, or the number before the colon, is obtained from the number of minutes (without seconds) of elapsed time being added to the golf score. The second number, or the number after the colon, is the number of seconds which weren’t used with the minutes in the first number. E.g. if a player shoots 78 strokes in 46 minutes and 32 seconds to complete the round, the score is expressed as 124:32


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