Gold Membership

This is your invoice for year commencing 3rd of March

Gold Member Benefits

ü  Gold Membership paid in FULL by 5pm on April 2nd and you will receive a Venue/Deansgrove Voucher for €75.00.

ü  Contactless Payment Option

ü  Flexi Payment plan spreading payment over 6 months (5% charge)

ü  10% discount on food as a member with your Golfing Ireland card.

ü  A Gold Member will be able to book a tee time 12 days in advance on our BRS booking system


ü  Improved Tee-Time management

Pay in Full Option

Sign up with our contactless payment and pay in FULL by the 2nd of April to receive all of the above benefits. There are no hidden charges and the money will be debited from your account on the 15th of April.


Monthly Direct Debit Option

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